Social Security Disability (Title II) and Supplemental Security Income (Title XVI - or "SSI")

My practice is exclusively devoted to assisting individuals in Indianapolis and the State of Indiana in appealing the Social Security Adiministration's denial of both Social Security Disability and SSI claims. You, by virtue of paying Social Security taxes over your liftetime, are entitled to these benefits if you become unable to work, as are your minor children. 

However, as you probably already know, obtaining these benefits is not always easy.  I often hear from clients about their frustrations with the process.  The important thing to remember is: don't give up!

Yes, the application and appeals take quite a bit of time.  Thankfully, the waiting time has been shortened over the past few years now that the SSA has switched to electronic case administration.  In short, everything - from filing your initial application to the submission of medical records at the hearing level - is handled electronically over the internet.  The difference between how I handled cases 10 years ago versus now is 100 times more efficient.  

By now you probably know that a lawyer is always necessary once you get to the hearing level, and before that even.  I help many people with their initial applications, seeing the process through from beginning to end.  Other times people retain me once their case is at the hearing office.  Every person is different and I respect that.

Whenever it is you choose to enlist my help, I will guide and advise you through the complicated procedural and substantive rules involved in a disability case, of which there are many.  Over the years I have seen just about every kind of issue that can arise. Many times I have spotted issues that, unbeknownst to the client, could have proven catastrophic to their claim.  Each case is different and there are never any guarantees, although I guarantee to each of my clients the highest degree of counsel and service.

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